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Empowering Children with God's Word through stories

We are sharing the Word of God through children's stories so they can understand God and His Word in a practical way, a way which personally applies to their life and their circumstances and improve their well-being.


Meet the author behind Good News Meditations Kids



Hello! My name is Guerdie! I'm a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a Christian author who publishes books under the name Good News Meditations Kids and G.L. Charles
What pushed me to write my 1st book is that I had difficulty finding Christian books for my 2 daughters that put forward beautiful Christian values and were centered on Jesus. So, I decided to write one. I was surprised at the feedback I received on the book and realized how many other mothers and fathers are facing the same situation! Since then, I have published multiple books and there are so many of them to come!
You can get in contact with me anytime with me and I'll be happy to talk to you. Simply ask for Guerdie when you reach out to Customer support!