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With Jesus I Don't Give Up - Printed in UK

With Jesus I Don't Give Up - Printed in UK

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Failing can be hard for the best of us. It is important to remember however that we should never stop trying. With Jesus by our side, we will always find a way to succeed!

This story is about Kimberly learning to ride a bike and how she persists to keep learning despite falling repeatedly and feeling sad. Kimberly’s dad reminds her through a timeless tale from Sunday school that if she doesn’t lose faith, she will surely learn this much-needed skill.

Jesus always provides us with the will to keep going. Success is often that one try away from getting up again!
The colorful drawings in sweet Kimberly’s story allow kids to see –
  • The importance of getting up after falling.
  • The joy one feels when they succeed, after not giving up.
  • The importance of asking Jesus for help when feeling hopeless.

The With Jesus Series is a collection of books sharing the Word of God through stories so they know when to ask for help through prayer.

Give your child the gift of confidence and drive to succeed. Get all the With Jesus books and help your children learn important life lessons through the word of God.

Help children see that no matter what, Jesus is always with them.


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Empowering Children with God's Word through stories

We are sharing the Word of God through children's stories so they can understand God and His Word in a practical way, a way which personally applies to their life and their circumstances and improve their well-being.